🟡🤝🏻🔴JADON SANCHO to MAN UTD - deal done! (Transfer Parody Song)

5 авг 2020
1 812 863 Приказа

Man Utd and Borussia Dortmund thrash out a deal for Jadon Sancho!
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  • They could have given £1 and £2

    AccountzyAccountzyПре 2 дана
  • Well its not happening now

    Hazmi ShahHazmi ShahПре 7 дана
  • The team witch the most best and most cups will have sancho

    lubna khanlubna khanПре 10 дана
  • I can't see them win champions league united

    liverpool channelliverpool channelПре 10 дана
  • Who is here after the deal is canceled

    A&A TeeVeeA&A TeeVeeПре 11 дана
  • Chujnia

    KtośKtośПре 11 дана
  • Where is Sancho now ?

    Salt'z MemeSalt'z MemeПре 11 дана
  • Who's here after we didn't sign him😔

    Nabil :bNabil :bПре 11 дана
  • Get my text to 50 likes pls

    Lewis BoultonLewis BoultonПре 11 дана
  • I hope that won’t ever happen else I’ll never watch united again 3:00

    Lewis BoultonLewis BoultonПре 11 дана
  • Who's here after Sancho stayed

    Kinkead UnitedKinkead UnitedПре 11 дана
  • He didn’t pay...

    Abdulrehman MajidAbdulrehman MajidПре 11 дана
  • Well that aged well

    AculixAculixПре 12 дана
  • Pay

    hazel powellhazel powellПре 12 дана
  • Remember me stranger things

    Ali TouihemeAli TouihemeПре 12 дана
  • This is gonna get a lot of views next summer when he joins united

    Panch EsterikosPanch EsterikosПре 13 дана
    • When they pay 120 million euros it will

      Anti AluhutAnti AluhutПре 10 дана
  • So much for that

    TheRapscallionTheRapscallionПре 13 дана
  • Hello everyone

    Rafa M RiveraRafa M RiveraПре 15 дана
  • Ole was willing to go gay for man u now he is likely getting the sacked

    Troy HackerTroy HackerПре 16 дана
  • Who's here after we didn't get Sancho😭

    Jan AndersJan AndersПре 16 дана
    • Incompetent club ffs

      Aryam DwivediAryam DwivediПре 9 дана
  • Who's here after United flopped this signing and he's never gonna go to Man Utd?

    Björn RosengrenBjörn RosengrenПре 16 дана
    • I knew it since January

      Sanchoflo 7Sanchoflo 7Пре 10 дана
  • Who is here after United confirmed their new number 7?!?the young maestro himself...33 year old Kavani 🤣🤣🤣

    George HansenGeorge HansenПре 16 дана
  • this hits different after he didn't sign

    7_plays _7_plays _Пре 16 дана
  • Please delete this video

    Abdou Karim FallAbdou Karim FallПре 16 дана
  • Ive been watching 442oons since september 2015

    Fortnite is getting Tox1cFortnite is getting Tox1cПре 19 дана
  • Whose here after deadline day when he doesn’t sign

    Nicholas CowhieNicholas CowhieПре 19 дана
  • JUST DO IT! ED!!!

    Wesley WangWesley WangПре 20 дана
  • Z

    Jule DeutscherJule DeutscherПре 22 дана
  • Delete this video already

    Faiq HoqueFaiq HoqueПре 23 дана
  • He still hasn't signed , 6 days left

    Ace VenturaAce VenturaПре 23 дана
    • Not happening

      james_run_of_the_milner 7james_run_of_the_milner 7Пре 12 дана
    • *1 day left*

      solo EUsolo EUПре 18 дана
  • Original Song: Should I stay or should I go

    SoulSoulПре 23 дана
    • Radu 266 it’s no shit sherlock

      Om MistryOm MistryПре 11 дана
    • Radu 266 u got it wrong lol 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

      Om MistryOm MistryПре 11 дана
    • Shit no sherlock

      Radu 266Radu 266Пре 14 дана
    • far cry 4

      『Mistyy』『Mistyy』Пре 15 дана
  • I think he should stay

    R3qu1sR3qu1sПре 24 дана
    • Erling Haaland Analbanian

      Strong ManStrong ManПре 18 дана
    • I would rather play in China!

      R3qu1sR3qu1sПре 24 дана
    • No You 2 Come here

      Forca BarcaForca BarcaПре 24 дана
  • I will say to ed woordward to say on 2020 transfer in the red star why didn’t you buy erling haaland in the first place

    felisha beatrice amantefelisha beatrice amanteПре 28 дана
    • Haaland is way to good for United atm

      No NameNo NameПре 26 дана
  • imagian that city ran in and paid

    Zak 10Zak 10Пре 28 дана
  • Yes

    Ttv GrainepierreTtv GrainepierreПре 28 дана
  • He should clone bruno and do a swap

    ModeVolcano PlModeVolcano PlПре 29 дана
  • Paaaaayyyy

    Hakan HocaoğluHakan HocaoğluПре месец
  • Who’s here after a month🥴

    Kevin NjorogeKevin NjorogeПре месец
  • If José was still the boss and Ed ceo did the deal at the end of the video he would say “Were F**ked”

    Dusty Sports TVDusty Sports TVПре месец
  • bruno martial greenwood pogba our men

    Trigger ShowzTrigger ShowzПре месец
  • Pay or go 🤣🤣🤣

    Zenande MnonopiZenande MnonopiПре месец
  • Still no sancho

    Aaditya KhatriAaditya KhatriПре месец
  • good its not liverpool

    roblox epic youtuber make sure to subscriberoblox epic youtuber make sure to subscribeПре месец
  • get me a voice

    Sergoal AguerOoOoOSergoal AguerOoOoOПре месец
  • Soon Goldgrab THE UNITED Stand will have bridged his way through blah blah to more cash over the Sancho deal than Sancho's agent

    Professor LoveformeProfessor LoveformeПре месец
  • Please pay Ed

    Yan StevensYan StevensПре месец
  • Hahaha

    Deniz BaşeğmezlerDeniz BaşeğmezlerПре месец
  • Jesus Christ 120 million euros

    Austin PothecaryAustin PothecaryПре месец
  • Dont say bad words

    Charbel SalibaCharbel SalibaПре месец
    • This channel is not for kid like u

      Anh Duy LêAnh Duy LêПре месец
    • @Charbel Saliba how old are u

      lekan Ogunsolalekan OgunsolaПре месец
    • @lekan Ogunsola why u mad?

      Charbel SalibaCharbel SalibaПре месец
    • @Charbel Saliba ur so stupid read the description

      lekan Ogunsolalekan OgunsolaПре месец
    • @lekan Ogunsola lol its an anime for small kids😭😂😂😂

      Charbel SalibaCharbel SalibaПре месец
  • Just join we 😤

    Bruno FernandesBruno FernandesПре месец
    • There is a fake you on the lose

      florence sflorence sПре месец
  • This is now a meme and very embarrassing imo. Why have you not deleted this video? Banter Club forever, lol!!

    netweed09netweed09Пре месец
  • buy ronaldo and messi because they power make next video

    Ahmad FarhanAhmad FarhanПре месец
  • What's the original song guys?

    radamel falcaoradamel falcaoПре месец
    • Should I stay or should I go

      Brilliant BobbyBrilliant BobbyПре месец
  • 1:03

    Đăng Võ Trần HảiĐăng Võ Trần HảiПре месец
  • 1:56

    Đăng Võ Trần HảiĐăng Võ Trần HảiПре месец
  • This aged well

    mmПре месец
    • WTF

      CORONACORONAПре месец
  • This aged well

    Gareth JGareth JПре месец
  • Who’s here after personal terms and agent fees are agreed

    F7 JackDoesGamesF7 JackDoesGamesПре месец
    • That's all ready done

      CORONACORONAПре месец
  • It's Got so bad Man united official twitter is getting bullied

    Twitter TheRatioIsHere_Twitter TheRatioIsHere_Пре месец
  • It not happend just close

    The Scientist Of Fun LabsThe Scientist Of Fun LabsПре месец
  • Türkçe altyazı evett

    osman özkılıçosman özkılıçПре месец
  • Woodwood should stop playing with our feelings,and just get this deal done for God sake!

    King Brown ThugsKing Brown ThugsПре месец
    • He won’t hahaha

      No NameNo NameПре 26 дана
  • 1:20

    Đăng Võ Trần HảiĐăng Võ Trần HảiПре месец
  • Love all your videos and the your impressions

    Saveer SinghSaveer SinghПре месец
  • Will Byers is confused about this one😂

    Adil HafezjiAdil HafezjiПре месец
  • Should i stay should i go i love this song

    HOW TOHOW TOПре месец
  • I'm still waiting Donny Beek 1st Day at Man Utd

    Josua PrasetyaJosua PrasetyaПре месец
  • the flight to germany porbaly cost 120 mil

    Zak 10Zak 10Пре месец
  • Change thé title ?

    ALMA ZZALMA ZZПре месец
  • Who’s here after Spurs signed the 3rd Best prem RB 1st Trent 2nd Bissaka 3rd Doherty

    Harry KaneHarry KaneПре месец
    • Sanchoflo 7 ye but he is prob a spurs fan now cuz he signed for them

      Harry KaneHarry KaneПре месец
    • You mean the Arsenal fan?

      Sanchoflo 7Sanchoflo 7Пре месец
  • This didn’t age well

    Camel HamiltonCamel HamiltonПре месец
    • It will

      Team VadeTeam VadeПре месец
    • It will

      AJ ThapaAJ ThapaПре месец
  • X hamster and the 120 3:12

    RJ ABIDRJ ABIDПре месец
  • 1 thousandth hate

    Hope nkuluHope nkuluПре месец
  • PAY!!!!!!!

    precious oshodiprecious oshodiПре месец
  • Who’s here after Van de beek has signed

    Quick Clips !Quick Clips !Пре месец
    • me

      roblox epic youtuber make sure to subscriberoblox epic youtuber make sure to subscribeПре 28 дана
    • @SkullCruzerZ GunZ me

      roblox epic youtuber make sure to subscriberoblox epic youtuber make sure to subscribeПре 28 дана
    • Who here after manchesdog united lose to crytal palace?

      SkullCruzerZ GunZSkullCruzerZ GunZПре месец
    • 3 -1😂

      Reubz RBReubz RBПре месец
    • me

      roblox epic youtuber make sure to subscriberoblox epic youtuber make sure to subscribeПре месец
  • Whats the name of the instrumental

  • oof, deans been watching stranger things

    Harsh VikramHarsh VikramПре месец
  • Sancho and Halland what a double :)))

    Hồng ViệtHồng ViệtПре месец
  • 120 euros plus Pogba and Fernandes

    Footballing Fraud 22Footballing Fraud 22Пре месец
  • Well, that aged well

    Özil’s MemesÖzil’s MemesПре месец
  • I was surprised when i heard that Sancho extended his contract with BVB until 2023! Didn't see that coming...!

    Thor BoysenThor BoysenПре месец
  • Who’s here after man united sign Beek from Ajax

    Biz B UBiz B UПре месец
  • Whose here after we got van de beek

    Faris AhmadFaris AhmadПре месец
  • Can you do the premier league song please

    TheFifa TomTheFifa TomПре месец
  • Ole will be the new Arsene by saying almost signed Haaland, Thiago, Sancho

    Fox Inc.Fox Inc.Пре месец
  • Lo

    Yay Greenwood and Foden are friendsYay Greenwood and Foden are friendsПре месец
  • 2:17 look at sir Alex’s badge

    Adz_3012Adz_3012Пре месец
    • Fergie for dortmundddddddddd!!!!!!!!

      Itamar KerenItamar KerenПре месец
    • Nah shit that's the joke

      LusiToonsLusiToonsПре месец
  • Nearly a month later and I’m starting to get nervous...

    Young EmadYoung EmadПре месец
    • Don't worry he's coming but I think it will take time and they will announce it maybe at the end of September

      Youssef BaddouYoussef BaddouПре месец
  • Well, this is not ageing well

    StudenTStudenTПре месец
  • Our Manchester United fail to buy Sancho now.

    Desmond LimDesmond LimПре месец
  • Sancho don't go

    Hal0 gamez1Hal0 gamez1Пре месец
  • Man Utd: Sancho, what a player! Messi: Let me introduce myself

    Darren BrassingtonDarren BrassingtonПре месец
  • Just sign HIM PAY PAY

    zazi Sokozazi SokoПре месец
  • I just realised what this song is

    Pro clubs GodPro clubs GodПре месец
  • Hey Bro

    abdulrahman alaliabdulrahman alaliПре месец
  • I realizied that the song is from Stranger things

    hala madridhala madridПре месец
    • The song was made in the 80s stranger things started in 2016

      Fox Inc.Fox Inc.Пре месец
  • And he didnt signed😂

    La vocal ALa vocal AПре месец
    • @Ricardo Hoàng facts

      Fox Inc.Fox Inc.Пре месец
    • @Fox Inc. Woodward is the dork 😂

      Ricardo HoàngRicardo HoàngПре месец
    • @Ricardo Hoàng Borussia Dortmund made it very clear from the start how much they were selling Sancho for, if money is a problem for one biggest clubs in the world well United are screwed

      Fox Inc.Fox Inc.Пре месец
    • @Fox Inc. Bruh I expect Sancho arrival at Manchester but it turned out that he's extremely expensive!

      Ricardo HoàngRicardo HoàngПре месец
    • Well we dont know yet

      Fox Inc.Fox Inc.Пре месец
  • I have see this 20 times

    Νικόλας ΠαπςΝικόλας ΠαπςПре месец
  • 0:42 Ed Woodward looks kinda...meaty tbh

    Ho My AnhHo My AnhПре месец
  • Mark! @TheUnitedStand

    Jude ArrowsmithJude ArrowsmithПре месец