⬆️MESSI PANENKA!⬆️ 2-2 Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid (Parody 700 goals penalty highlights)

1 јул 2020
1 914 558 Приказа

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  • Panenka! I am from Czechia! Panenka is one of best players on Czechia!

    TomIsPlayingTomIsPlayingПре 3 дана
  • Man city Win Premier league Love city 💓💓💓

    Canal do Yuri Lendário RibeiroCanal do Yuri Lendário RibeiroПре 6 дана
  • wow im flatered 👉🏻👈🏼

    Manchester SheikyManchester SheikyПре 7 дана

    Matthias WORLDMatthias WORLDПре 8 дана
  • انا حصلت على كلمة السر لكل شبكات الواى فاى المجاورة 📶👌🏻 خلال ثواني بدون تحميل أي برنامج 💯✅, الأن يمكنك معرفة باسورد أى WIFI قريب منك 🔑 👍 اكتب فى جوجل 🔎 mbc70 🔍 وادخل اول موقع

    منوعات تيوبمنوعات تيوبПре 9 дана
  • No one: Not a single Braincell: 1:20

    Leonardo NunesLeonardo NunesПре 10 дана
  • 0:31 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    Hassan NaquiHassan NaquiПре 11 дана
  • 0:16 WTF 😂😂

    Rafahl PerdikourisRafahl PerdikourisПре 12 дана
  • 1:12

    Aldrin Daniel M patanaoAldrin Daniel M patanaoПре 14 дана
  • Suarez and Greizmann switched :(

    McBlobbinsMcBlobbinsПре 16 дана
  • Hola

    Andres Lovo ArguelloAndres Lovo ArguelloПре 18 дана
  • 1:37 Imagine cheering for the local rivals lol

    yeeting with Alyyeeting with AlyПре 18 дана
  • Real madrid

  • It was pretty much a penalty shoot out

    The J/O groupThe J/O groupПре 20 дана

    Joshi TheGoalkeeperJoshi TheGoalkeeperПре 21 дан
  • Who win the champions league Dean:Man City

    mjan janmjan janПре 23 дана
  • Ffrrgtŧ heddle Feb and march and April and may contain confidential or privileged material for one day I would like a great day I would like to know if you have any questions or 6666566yyttc Kenny Rogers and April

  • 442oons predicted the transfer of aruther and pjanic 😳

    Ilovemessi AlldayIlovemessi AlldayПре 24 дана
  • Sub to harrison Collins

    H CollinsH CollinsПре 26 дана
  • Real

    Milica DeretićMilica DeretićПре 29 дана
  • 6

    Aryan RasoulAryan RasoulПре месец
  • Look at 0:13 then 0:21 Costa's hair changes

    nabiyun rihadhnabiyun rihadhПре месец
  • Whos here after suarez joined Atletico

    Nizar TaimiNizar TaimiПре месец
  • Mesi 🤣🤣🤣🤣 auhmm⚫⚪⚫

    Dalva FélixDalva FélixПре месец
  • 0:50

    Пансионат АллюрПансионат АллюрПре месец
  • 442oons got demonitized bc hitler

    GoldPlayz RBLXGoldPlayz RBLXПре месец
  • B

    TheAfanTheAfanПре месец
  • The music is so funny

    Flame runner From mkwiiFlame runner From mkwiiПре месец
  • 😂😂😂😂😂

    ANIMASI seruANIMASI seruПре месец
  • who is this on the left? 1:06

    Blue MoonBlue MoonПре месец
    • how do u not know thanos u dumb bro?

      newplayzRBnewplayzRBПре месец
    • It's thanos I guess

      Елена ЖуратЕлена ЖуратПре месец
  • Ca 6

    Albert VaduvaAlbert VaduvaПре месец
  • fhe music sounds like coutinho crying and laughing at the same time

    Eisa_playzEisa_playzПре месец
  • Music?

    Mateja BestGamerMateja BestGamerПре месец
  • انا حصلت على كلمة السر لكل شبكات الواى فاى المجاورة 📶👌🏻 خلال ثواني بدون تحميل أي برنامج 💯✅, الأن يمكنك معرفة باسورد أى WIFI قريب منك 🔑 👍 اكتب فى جوجل 🔎 mbc70 🔍 وادخل اول موقع

    Babou BdfBabou BdfПре месец
  • What's the name of the music?

    Hoormazd JavidbakhtHoormazd JavidbakhtПре месец
  • Zidane undercover😂😂0:27


    Argentina buenaArgentina buenaПре 2 месеца
  • Anyone saw umtiti as hmm..tities on the back?

    Abdullah al MamunAbdullah al MamunПре 2 месеца
  • Bayern or PSG

    Logan MitchellLogan MitchellПре 2 месеца
  • Zidane header Suarez in atletico's second penalty got me😂

    Guy GinzburgGuy GinzburgПре 2 месеца
  • Jajaja eden hazar and the food

    Friends GamesFriends GamesПре 2 месеца
  • Who’s here after Barcelona 2-8 bayern

    Mikhail SanjayMikhail SanjayПре 2 месеца

    S ClareS ClareПре 2 месеца
  • Anyone here after 8-2

    Mufcfan100Mufcfan100Пре 2 месеца
  • Anyone here after 8-2

    RCH ShowRCH ShowПре 2 месеца
    • Me lol

      XxBadPlayzjbxXxBadPlayzjbxПре 2 месеца
    • @sir whatevervideo me..and he should use this awesome music again for the new video lol

      VadosVadosПре 2 месеца

    Iker GomezIker GomezПре 2 месеца
  • best keeper in the world my ass

    Lionel MessiLionel MessiПре 2 месеца
  • Robbery

    KibaKibaПре 2 месеца
  • There is a little mistake! 1:31 in down of cup, writed 18/19 LaLiga.

    Həmzə BağırovHəmzə BağırovПре 2 месеца
  • 👍👍👍👍

    Ester CarrerasEster CarrerasПре 2 месеца
  • 😅

    Ester CarrerasEster CarrerasПре 2 месеца
  • Why was griezmann on both team logos

    Fl KandilFl KandilПре 2 месеца
  • Mine is United

    HW S6HW S6Пре 2 месеца
  • Real Madrid

    Ragda BurRagda BurПре 2 месеца
  • which song is this???

    Budai FlóriánBudai FlóriánПре 2 месеца
  • Who will win the lacrosse tournament down the road dean: My money's on man city

    shivinhoshivinhoПре 2 месеца
  • Ñame of the song anyone

    Awesome gamer 21Awesome gamer 21Пре 2 месеца
  • When he reached 3 mil subs. Dean: my favorite club i am not telling you. Also Dean: My money is on Man city Me: I think his favorite club is Manchester city then.

    Ultra TryhardUltra TryhardПре 2 месеца
    • it isnt actually

      newplayzRBnewplayzRBПре месец
  • At the end, thr la liga of 2018/19 instead of 2019/20 disappeared

    Petko 15Petko 15Пре 2 месеца
  • I m Rissa

    КИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovКИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovПре 2 месеца
    • @newplayzRB ???

      КИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovКИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovПре месец
    • bruh ur weird

      newplayzRBnewplayzRBПре месец
    • Lol

      КИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovКИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovПре 2 месеца
    • Я русский хахахахахааха

      КИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovКИРИЛЛ PRO_Game_so2 kirill drozdovПре 2 месеца
  • Real Madrid

    AkakakkaakakkaAkakakkaakakkaПре 2 месеца
  • 00:04

    Sfinks YTSfinks YTПре 2 месеца
  • was the ref Zidane

    Harsha BeelurHarsha BeelurПре 2 месеца
  • ❤💙❤💙❤💙❤❤

    felipe el crak the gamesfelipe el crak the gamesПре 2 месеца
  • What is this music I need to know

    Banana GBanana GПре 2 месеца
  • bqrcelona must buy better players

    Jordi DekensJordi DekensПре 2 месеца
  • What is the music?

    Lưu Đại Minh OFFICIALLưu Đại Minh OFFICIALПре 2 месеца
  • My tactics Don't play Antoine Play Fati Play 433 Tell Suarez that Referee is very healthy Squad👇 Suarez Messi Fati Rakitić De Jong Busquets Alba Roberto Umtiti Pique Ter-Stegen

    Janek JanekJanek JanekПре 2 месеца
  • M

    bomba#ad opbomba#ad opПре 2 месеца
  • hyyhhh

    Three ts AderexThree ts AderexПре 2 месеца
  • Who will win WWE smackdown Dean: Man city

    Muhhammed YazeenMuhhammed YazeenПре 2 месеца
  • The music is legendary

    dudes tvdudes tvПре 2 месеца
  • 1:49

    SonicFlame969SonicFlame969Пре 2 месеца
  • Who will win World War 3? Dean: Man City

    Llama the Llamy LlamaLlama the Llamy LlamaПре 2 месеца
  • 🤭🤭🤭🤭😏

    BARHDIR . El Mehdi StudentBARHDIR . El Mehdi StudentПре 2 месеца
  • Who will Win this bag of junk Dean:Man City

    Alsuwaidi AlsuwaidiAlsuwaidi AlsuwaidiПре 2 месеца
  • Who saw the trophy stand when it snap away it’s say 18/19 not 19/20

    Jenny HarleJenny HarleПре 2 месеца
  • Messi carried Barca with chewy injured and some other dude on the bench🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Massamo DawassaMassamo DawassaПре 2 месеца
  • Grizmin thought

    Massamo DawassaMassamo DawassaПре 2 месеца
  • I would buy Neymar

    Zeus GarciaZeus GarciaПре 2 месеца
  • BARC

    Guillem Jambert SolésGuillem Jambert SolésПре 2 месеца
  • How is barca gonna win: Sign neymar

    Noobz - RobloxNoobz - RobloxПре 2 месеца
  • What the name song

    Afif HaristAfif HaristПре 2 месеца
  • This video remembering me of my cat the last video when i watch this video with my cat :( soo sad..

    fathlullah fachriefathlullah fachrieПре 2 месеца
  • get pep back to fix barca

    Peppito OngsaPeppito OngsaПре 2 месеца
  • name of the song @442oons

    Padrino AlPadrino AlПре 2 месеца
  • Eres un crack se que alomejor no me entiendes en español me gustan tus videos que aces lo curras mucho eres un grande ❤

    A juan0918A juan0918Пре 2 месеца
  • Footballers react to barca 2 - 2 atleti Zizou : we will win the league Real : they have drawn badly against our neighbours Rakitic: hello Cristiano! I want to play for Juve Pjanic: I don't want to play for Barca Neymar: hello Zizou! Sign me

    Muhhammed YazeenMuhhammed YazeenПре 3 месеца
  • Well first fix that manager

    Paddy shack 18Paddy shack 18Пре 3 месеца
  • 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

    BlackBird FilmsBlackBird FilmsПре 3 месеца
  • Why was aguero atleti

    PrzemekPogPrzemekPogПре 3 месеца
    • no hes playing in man city

      newplayzRBnewplayzRBПре месец
  • Messi hit 700 career goals by play at a easy league Not like Ronaldo at Premier league and serie A.

    Chanvoi noobChanvoi noobПре 3 месеца
    • Sorry,I don’t know how to write it.

      Chanvoi noobChanvoi noobПре 2 месеца
    • After 9-in-a-row ???

      harsha vishwanathharsha vishwanathПре 3 месеца
    • Serie A??

      harsha vishwanathharsha vishwanathПре 3 месеца
  • "Bites" was another highlight

    Kavinissh RamanKavinissh RamanПре 3 месеца
  • Really funny you think Messi hairdo is funny look at your mom

    Beenos YTBeenos YTПре 3 месеца
  • 2-2!!!!!!??????

    Renia HabichtRenia HabichtПре 3 месеца
  • Semedo n'a même pas toucher le joueur

    la star des jeuxla star des jeuxПре 3 месеца
  • Who's gonna win the 2022 FIFA World Cup? Dean: M a n C i t y

    Vik SinhaVik SinhaПре 3 месеца
  • 1:35 A draw is nothing to laugh about

    Vik SinhaVik SinhaПре 3 месеца
  • It will be liverpool

    Aiden SuddabyAiden SuddabyПре 3 месеца
  • hahahaha

    Neymar gaming mabpe gamingNeymar gaming mabpe gamingПре 3 месеца