✊🏽THE HAND OF GOD!✊🏽 (Argentina vs England World Cup 1986 Maradona Handball + Goal of the Century)

22 апр 2020
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Diego Maradona scores with his hand then scores the goal of the century! Peter Shilton was NOT impressed!
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    Ignacio Sardón MatosIgnacio Sardón MatosПре дан
  • Rookie Maradona u have no idea about egypt corruption in Africa i sewar there is former Egyptian player said on tv literary this "the ref give us choice before match want penalty or red card"

    Dark FishDark FishПре 2 дана
  • and englands goal against germany in 1966

    angeles medinaangeles medinaПре 4 дана
  • This is the si glen handley best video on youtube

    michelle crowleymichelle crowleyПре 4 дана
  • Best of all

    Joseph MogakaJoseph MogakaПре 8 дана
  • If nobody knew, the little pea is chicharito if u dont get it

    gaming momo69gaming momo69Пре 8 дана
  • Only legends know what "hand of god" is

    DarwiniAMVDarwiniAMVПре 9 дана
  • Wow the hand of god surly someone is gonna score with the butt from 20 yards

    Mr Ralfie Sub 2 RoYaLe BoizMr Ralfie Sub 2 RoYaLe BoizПре 11 дана
  • Best player ever🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Diego McLaughlinDiego McLaughlinПре 20 дана
  • Lfc

    caroline bollardcaroline bollardПре 23 дана
    • Cabj

      Tomás Agustín ValdezTomás Agustín ValdezПре 22 дана
  • Please, Luis Suarez handball vs Ghana!

    Dylan DuganDylan DuganПре 25 дана
  • Fun fact:THE refree was bulagarian

    Kostadin IvanovKostadin IvanovПре 28 дана
  • 1:13

    Wilder MontanoWilder MontanoПре месец
  • א ר6ם5ןועןא6ךהךטאו

    ענבר פזענבר פזПре месец
  • 1:13 hillarious

    claudia villarroelclaudia villarroelПре месец
  • Fuck Maradona the price what a cheat

    Nikki GothardNikki GothardПре месец
  • 0:33 captions united kingdom -The little guy? - you mean arsehole

    Samuel WeahSamuel WeahПре месец
  • 2007 How did messi score in Barca vs Espanyol

    Luis Jr HernandezLuis Jr HernandezПре месец
  • Football flashback Thomas Muller's debut Bayern Munich 7 sporting Lisbon 1

    Aaron LivingstonAaron LivingstonПре месец
  • I know that little asshole, used his hand!

    Among_KadenAmong_KadenПре месец
  • All the Irish people liked this video

    oranj juisoranj juisПре месец
  • 01:23

  • عامل عالي جدا جدا

    Omar khalilOmar khalilПре месец
  • Football flashback: Barcelona's greatest comeback against psg in 2016

    ERISHIO19 coolERISHIO19 coolПре месец
  • Is it bray wyatt's song???😜😜

    Tashmika PathabhanaTashmika PathabhanaПре месец
  • King

    Anxtrew _TixAnxtrew _TixПре месец
  • The second goal is say is the best goal of world

    Daniel russoDaniel russoПре месец
  • Please make a vídeo about the final of the world cup 2002 Brazil vs Germany please!!

    Cristiano ArrogantaldoCristiano ArrogantaldoПре месец
  • Ale napoli the best player in the world sono italiano

    Edoardo SarginiEdoardo SarginiПре месец
  • how did the goalkeeper teleport to the goal

    Kirsten CallachanKirsten CallachanПре месец
  • They should call saurez hand ball against ghana "never ghana give you up"

    Porque soy yo ??Porque soy yo ??Пре месец
  • You should do Messi hand of god


    CoachCoachПре месец
  • i am from argentina

    Villa Cura Brochero Hostería de la villa**Villa Cura Brochero Hostería de la villa**Пре месец
  • Ningún Argentino le va a decir farklands a las malvinas

    aezaezПре месец
    • En realidad eso significa en ingles creo y como esta en idioma ingles creo que eso

      Tomás Agustín ValdezTomás Agustín ValdezПре 22 дана
  • Good

    Tyra BanksTyra BanksПре месец
  • hated argentina ever since

    Dane JADane JAПре 2 месеца
  • Can you do Portugal VS. Turkey 1-3

    Soccer CrafterSoccer CrafterПре 2 месеца
  • What song is it?

    Karl KesserwanyKarl KesserwanyПре 2 месеца
  • 😂

    Vapm GiulioVapm GiulioПре 2 месеца
  • In reality the referee was actually black.

    Naol BerhanuNaol BerhanuПре 2 месеца
  • My inspiration.

    Shiladitya DashShiladitya DashПре 2 месеца
  • Maradona was the real goat and shows that football is not just a sport.

    Gennaro LaperutaGennaro LaperutaПре 2 месеца
  • Gerrard slip like so Dean sees

    caller of doomcaller of doomПре 2 месеца
  • 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸

    fantasticfourmatt 2010fantasticfourmatt 2010Пре 2 месеца
  • It’s a disgrace Diego

  • 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    Renato EstivillRenato EstivillПре 2 месеца
  • 0:57 Víctor Hugo,un capo

    Thomás LestaThomás LestaПре 2 месеца
  • If anyone subs to me I will sub to u

    FK GAMERFK GAMERПре 2 месеца
  • Malvinas Argentinas 🇦🇷

    Troller 888Troller 888Пре 2 месеца
  • More Maradona 😂

    Nenn mich DaddyNenn mich DaddyПре 2 месеца
  • Pls subscribe to me

    FK GAMERFK GAMERПре 2 месеца
  • Maradona sucks Ronaldinho is way better and Zidane

    Jake WrayJake WrayПре 2 месеца
  • Why is the Mexican pretty much Alexis Sanchez with a high voice

    Harry KaneHarry KaneПре 2 месеца
  • Head goal Diego Armando Maradona golazo

    Neander HasaniNeander HasaniПре 2 месеца
  • México vs holand flashback

    Carlos Gabriel Martinez LaraCarlos Gabriel Martinez LaraПре 2 месеца
  • Best dribbler in history

    Archie GriffinArchie GriffinПре 2 месеца
  • 2-0

    Humphrey NHumphrey NПре 2 месеца
  • ✊⚽️🏆

    الفيصلي للزعيم الله الأردنالفيصلي للزعيم الله الأردنПре 2 месеца
  • Ibrahimovic Fall Back

    Lamin AltinelLamin AltinelПре 2 месеца
  • 442oons do the referee of God. Barca chelsea 2009 Barca PSG 2017

    M NM NПре 2 месеца
    • KekN

      Madlen ZüllichMadlen ZüllichПре 2 месеца
  • 0:42my man broke his own leg trying to chase Maradona

    JorgundomJorgundomПре 2 месеца
  • Ellos robaron malvinas ahora que se caguen

    Joaquin VillagraJoaquin VillagraПре 2 месеца
  • I like the handball by marodona And messi

    Taruna GuptaTaruna GuptaПре 2 месеца
  • Thats not hand of god that was hand of godfather

    Sangit KhatiwadaSangit KhatiwadaПре 2 месеца
  • 442oons PLEASE do Suarez handball vs Ghana flashback

    Vik SinhaVik SinhaПре 2 месеца

    Mario MartinezMario MartinezПре 2 месеца
  • Song?

    Ricardo S. MelgarejoRicardo S. MelgarejoПре 2 месеца
  • La mano de D1OS de Maradona!

    Marco The gamerMarco The gamerПре 2 месеца
  • 1:00 Me before Manchester united vs chelsea fa cup semi final 1:03 me after

    David MiladinovicDavid MiladinovicПре 2 месеца
  • Of course he used his hand

    Andrew MarsdenAndrew MarsdenПре 2 месеца
  • And Argentina 0-1 Germany 2014

    Les tutos De tahaLes tutos De tahaПре 2 месеца
  • Fuck you 44200ns

    mohamed Mouhoubmohamed MouhoubПре 2 месеца
  • Mexico '86 also caused football war - brutal

    LTL Rules FootballLTL Rules FootballПре 2 месеца
  • I wanna see 2008 champions league semi final second leg Man Utd 1-0 Barcelona 🤞🏻🤞🏻🤞🏻

    Mikhail SanjayMikhail SanjayПре 3 месеца
  • Go to the reason Maradona use his hand he has an point

    roblxian proroblxian proПре 3 месеца
  • maradonna in 86 was a train , unstopable

    mauro rodriguezmauro rodriguezПре 3 месеца

    Thiago AguirreThiago AguirreПре 3 месеца
  • you can flashback Flamengo 3x0 Liverpool

    joao pedro sales dos santosjoao pedro sales dos santosПре 3 месеца
  • If maradona didn’t use his hand England would of won the World Cup I think 😔

    Liam TisdallLiam TisdallПре 3 месеца
    • That would have been China

      Ben AcedoBen AcedoПре 3 месеца
  • 1966 word cup finale

    Jack AttardJack AttardПре 3 месеца

    donkey kong ldonkey kong lПре 3 месеца
  • Suarez hand ball v Ghana or Spain v Netherlands

    donkey kong ldonkey kong lПре 3 месеца
  • IT's like 1966

    D. BARTLD. BARTLПре 3 месеца
  • Maradona: uses hand Var: handball red card crying

    thomas johnthomas johnПре 3 месеца
  • Maradona said no var

    Tai Chun KanTai Chun KanПре 3 месеца

    Ciro MarandetCiro MarandetПре 3 месеца
    • Es Inglés termo.

      Pechege FcPechege FcПре сат
    • Es que tiene muchos fanáticos ingleses, por eso lo dice

      Martin RodasMartin RodasПре 2 месеца
  • Says coke on the background 😂

    Edgar GuevaraEdgar GuevaraПре 3 месеца
  • Football flashback:2002 UCL Real madrid 2-1 Bayer 04 Leverkusen Zidane's epic volley

    David SimDavid SimПре 3 месеца
  • Fernandinho left the chat

    Trevor PhilipsTrevor PhilipsПре 3 месеца
  • First Bulgarian to be shown at a 442oons vid (the ref)

    xp tiger's Pokemon Chanelxp tiger's Pokemon ChanelПре 3 месеца

    Firenado OfficialFirenado OfficialПре 3 месеца
  • Maradona especially el mejor

    u Bu BПре 3 месеца
  • Genio genio genio golaaaazooooooo xd

    Renzo becerraRenzo becerraПре 3 месеца
  • 2nd one, best goal in football history ;), VAMOS ARGENTINAAA

    Jacinn Di CarloJacinn Di CarloПре 3 месеца
  • Ahora decilo sin llorar.. Aguante Argentina..!

    William JimenezWilliam JimenezПре 3 месеца
  • can you just imagine in 10 years he will make a vidio football flashback for ronaldo and messi

    The Polar BearThe Polar BearПре 3 месеца
  • Don't mocking God 😡

    Zaki shanZaki shanПре 3 месеца
  • I know peter Shelton his so. Is my trainer

    Mr F8PMr F8PПре 3 месеца
  • Other flashbacks to do: Suarez hand of god against Ghana Liverpool comeback against Milan Real Madrid 4 x 1 at Atletico in UCL final Spain 1 x 0 Netherland Denilson vs Turkey's defenders in WC 2002 (Brazil 1 x 0 Turkey) The Baggio penalty miss against Brazil in WC 1994